Transfer Tales

Originally from Southern California, I am a transfer student from Santa Barbara City College. With an affinity for rocks and adventures, I am a Geosciences major. I am currently the Transfer Admission Intern at the Smith College Office of Admission. Feel free to leave any questions you may have!

The end of an Era

On campus for senior week, I eagerly await our commencement exercises this weekend. After five less traditional years of undergraduate experiences winding together, I will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences on Sunday morning. I am so thankful for my brief but influential path at Smith. I was offered 3 different jobs, in 3 different states, and am headed on a new adventure in a new place (and will happily be putting my degree to use)!

Thank you for your following of this blog— your thoughtful questions, your enthusiasm about Smith. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and choosing to pursue the path that many are not brave enough to take, transferring to better fit their educational and/or personal needs. 

Below is a picture of the paper I filled out during my first day at Smith. I can say this accurately encapsulates my Smith experience from beginning to end. The journey is far from over, but my time here has come to an end. 

Nicole Collier 
Transfer Intern, 2013-2014
Smith College Office of Admission

Anonymous asked: I have a very specific question. IF I get accepted to Smith I would have to ask for a room accommodation, but online the disability office seems to say the deadline for requesting an accommodation is before you even know if you're accepted as a transfer. Do you know if there is any leeway there? Should I apply for an accommodation early just in case I am accepted?

The deadline is most likely for current students or first years and transfers who have already heard the status of their admission. It is best to wait until after you have heard your admission decision. The college is aware that there are students waiting to hear about their acceptances, and should be able to accommodate disability circumstances. Best of luck!

Anonymous asked: Does Smith offer financial aid for international transfer student?

Transfer students are eligible for financial aid. Try contacting Student Financial Services for more information. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! When will the second round of transfer students hear back regarding their applications? Decisions are starting to roll in and I'm feeling discouraged.

The deadline for the second transfer admission applications is tomorrow, May 15th. Decisions should be out by the end of may. Best of luck!

Anonymous asked: You mentioned the possibility of getting a single as a transfer- are you more likely to get a single as a transfer if you're transferring as a junior/3rd year?

The possibility of getting a single as a transfer mainly hinges on specific house (and availability of singles for all incoming students). Because transfer housing is considered at the same time as incoming first years students are considered for housing, there is no more likely chance to get a single as a transfer if you are a sophomore or a junior. As I mentioned, I transferred in as a junior, and got put into a double, but was in an area (Green Street) of limited singles. 

Anonymous asked: Can we be off of the meal plan if we have severe dietary restrictions? Also, is there the possibility of getting a single as a transfer (not having a roommate)?

Every student (with few exceptions) are on the meal plan which provide meals 3 times a day, 7 days a week, unlimited during dining hall hours. If you have severe dietary restrictions, I would imagine it is possible to talk with someone to be off of the meal plan. For general knowledge purposes, Smith has vegan/vegetarian dining halls, gluten-free, and kosher/Hillel dining, trying to cater to many different diets.

There is the possibility of getting a single as transfer. It all depends on where you live. Some areas of campus, like Green Street, have less singles per house, versus the Quad, which has more singles (some houses in the quad, such as Scales, are exclusively singles) .Since your housing is considered at the same time as the incoming first year students (and not your class year) you are being considered for the openings left in the house which are less likely to be singles. However, I was in a double my first semester, and was able to switch to a single my second semester. 

Anonymous asked: For transfer students attending in the fall, will there be an orientation period before classes begin September 4th, and if so, when will it be?

Transfer students attend the same orientation period as incoming first years. According to , orientation this year will be Friday, August 29 - Wednesday, September 3. In the past, transfers and first years have participated in much of the orientation together, but there are transfer-specific events and presentations to attend as well.

Anonymous asked: Do transfers get to participate in the Big Sister/Little Sister program and other first-year programs? Are they eligible for merit aid as well, such as the STRIDE program, or just the specific transfer merit scholarship?

Transfers get to participate in many of the same traditions as first year students! Big Sib/Little Sib is a tradition in the houses and since transfers are new to Smith, they are often considered the ‘little Sib’ to an upperclasswoman (if they want). As far as merit aid goes, transfers are not eligible for STRIDE, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do research here (I am proof of that)! There may be work study opportunities that involve helping out (grading, research, lab TA) that transfers could apply for. 

Anonymous asked: Do transfer applicants have any chance of getting early write's like the normal first year applicants?

Early writes are exclusively for first year applicants. 

Baldwin House, Bedford Terrace, Smith College. En route to Hungry Ghost Bread for a much needed chocolate chip cookie last night. Did you know the chocolate chip cookie is the state cookie of Massachusetts? 

Baldwin House, Bedford Terrace, Smith College. En route to Hungry Ghost Bread for a much needed chocolate chip cookie last night. Did you know the chocolate chip cookie is the state cookie of Massachusetts?